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Orvis Mop Chenille

Orvis Mop Chenille

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This mop chenille from Orvis is an excellent alternative to the traditional mop body, just trim to the desired length and seal with a lighter. This particular variety of mop chenille is a bit fluffier than other mop chenille's on the market currently but still very similar to normal mops. The colors offered (with the exception of Fl. Yellow) are wonderfully muted and pastel, a good choice for those of you looking to tie more natural offerings. 

- slightly 'fluffier' than normal mops and other mop chenilles

- 2.5 yds per package 

- 8 colors 

Here's what Orvis has to say: 

"Mop Chenille is thick and fluffy and adds real body to flies. Variations of the MOP fly imitate grubs and other fat larvae that trout can't seem to resist. 2½ yards of material. In eight colors."

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