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Peux Fulgor Semi Automatic Fly Reel

Peux Fulgor Semi Automatic Fly Reel

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The Peux Fulgor is widely regarded as the finest semi-automatic fly reel on the market today. They are designed and manufactured in the heart of Swiss watching making country and they share many of the fine details of craftsmanship. Unlike other semi-automatic reels, they feature immediate drag engagement that can be fine tuned with the knob in the spool much like a standard fly reel. They are also fully machined with no plastic or cast parts. Each detail has been attended to down to the tippet holder and moveable reel foot.

Ships with the pictured reel box to protect your reel. Also includes an instruction manual. 

Separate handle kits are available to purchase to add a "traditional" handle to the spool which you can crank by hand. 

Customized reels (color, inscription, etc.) can be special ordered for an additional cost.


  • Retrieve up to 3 meters of line with one pull of the lever
  • Smooth and fine tunable disc drag which is more adjustable and quicker engaging than other semi automatic reels
  • Fully machined with no plastic parts
  • Tippet holder on the reel foot that secures your tippet during or after use to prevent tangles
  • Reel body can rotate on the reel foot to place the lever closer or further from your rod/trigger hand
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland
  • The 01 size is 4.9 oz and the 02 is 5.4 oz
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