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Pierre Sempe

Pierre Sempe CRID Fly Reel

Pierre Sempe CRID Fly Reel

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This fully machined aluminum reel from Pierre Sempe is a really good value for its price. It has a closed frame to prevent ultra thing nymphing lines or leaders from slipping between the spool and frame. It also weighs a bit more for its given size than most reels which helps with properly balancing longer rods. 

Note: We get various spool colors from Sempe. They sometimes send black, green, or gold so it's a bit of a game of Roulette. Please let us know if you have a preference for spool color when ordering this reel since each batch we get can be different. 

  • 3/5 weight = 5.7 oz good for rods up to 11 feet
  • 5/7 weight = 6.1 oz good for rods 10.5' and over
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