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Pierre Sempe

Pierre Sempe Sighter-Indicator Nylon (100 m spools)

Pierre Sempe Sighter-Indicator Nylon (100 m spools)

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Please note that not every color is available in every size from Sempe. Also, if we are out of a particular size/color, please check out the Baetis Indicator Mono as it is very similar. 

This is a very popular nylon for making micro leaders. It has a long history of use in the French angling world. It is brighter in the solid colors than the multicolor versions (especially in the green and pink colors). However, it is not as bright as sighter materials from Cortland, Rio, Umpqua, and Fulling Mill.  I use a double Davy or 16/20 knot to connect it to a tippet ring for maximum knot strength. There is 100 m on each spool so you'll have plenty of sighter material to last a while. (Devin)

 Listed breaking strengths are:

  • 0.20 mm = 3.52 kg/7.8 lbs
  • 0.18 mm = 2.77 kg/6.1 lbs
  • 0.16 mm = 2.38 kg/5.3 lbs
  • 0.14 mm = 1.89 kg/4.2 lbs
  • 0.12 mm = 1.55 kg/3.4 lbs
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