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Quill Body Perdigon (U.V. Blue)

Quill Body Perdigon (U.V. Blue)

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The quill body style of perdigon has fast become a confidence fly in anglers boxes all across America, and the world! Few materials better mimic the abdominal segments of aquatic insects better than stripped peacock quill. Couple that anatomical correctness with the fast-sinking nature and slim profile of a perdigon and you're on the fast track to fishy success. This particular quill body perdigon, like my Quilldigon, has a flashy butt of UV purple-ish blue tinsel. Tied by Oscar Quevedo Iglesias of Spain.

Note: These perdigons are tied on barbless straight nymph hooks or jig hooks depending upon the size. Dimensions of the fly may change slightly depending on who tied them.  

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