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Raidzap UV Resin

Raidzap UV Resin

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We now carry Raidzap UV Resins in 4 different options!

The Ultra Thin is Raidzap's equivalent to something like Solarez Bone dry or the UVCraft Clear resin we carry. Great for finishing heads, coating small perdigons, etc. 

The Thin has a bit more body to it and goes on thicker. Great for building up small scud backs, larger perdigons, coating wingcases, etc. 

The Flex Formula is great for building up streamer heads, and brushing in with your fingers to shape fibers and brushes. Also great for attaching keel weights as it can be removed after cured due to it's soft cure consistency. 

The Black Widow is similar in consistency to the Thin. It doesn't have the purplish tinge that some of the other black resins do, and it has a fairly flexible cure to it.


The Thin and the Black Widow need a high quality UV light to cure quickly at the bench. if you have a smaller/lower output light, try not to handle the flies much until you can expose them to some sunlight as they tend to stay a little tacky and can cloud with handling. 


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