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Redington Tilt Reel

Redington Tilt Reel

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The Tilt from Redington is a highly commendable reel for the price. For under $300 you get a sleek, fully machined reel with a full-cage housing, silky smooth drag and removable weights for fine tuning your balance. We can't ask for much more from a nymphing specific fly reel, particularly at that price! 

- Sized for rods 2wt - 5wt  

- CNC machined, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum 

- Smooth, compact carbon fiber drag system

- Full-cage housing and Narrow ultra large arbor design for maximum line retrieval

- Includes three one ounce removable weights 

- Rounded reel foot for line/leader protection when stowed

- Lifetime warranty


Here's what Redington has to say: "We know what keeps you up at night. It's that feeling of your line going tight and the bend in your rod. It's the drive to be the top rod, whether it's at your local comp or just another day out fishing with your friends. The TILT Euro Nymph Fly Reel was designed to give you the unfair advantage you have been looking for. We incorporate three one-ounce removable weights that will allow anglers to dial in any rod and find that perfect balance. The TILT features a fully machined, full-frame narrow large arbor design, which prevents narrow comp line from slipping in between the frame and the spool, with the capability of quick line retrieval. At the heart of this design is a carbon fiber drag system that will quickly put the brakes on any fish, so you quickly get it in the net and your flies back into the water. So enjoy the unfair advantage of the TILT reel and rest easy tonight." 

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