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Renomed Fly Tying Scissors (Small and Medium models)

Renomed Fly Tying Scissors (Small and Medium models)

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The range of small - medium sized fly tying scissors from world-renowned Renomed. Smooth, razor sharp blades are excellent for natural materials, standard threads, and just general use in everyday fly-tying.

FS1: These small-size scissors with straight blades are an ideal fly tying tool. Perfect for tying small and medium, wet or dry flies. 9 CM (3.5") long

FS2: Same as FS1 But with curved blades for reaching into the tightest spots. 

FS3: Medium sized scissors, perfect for tying medium and large dry flies and flies with deer/elk hair hair. 11 CM (4.3") long. 

FS4: Same as FS3 but with curved blades. 



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