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RIO Premier Midge Tip Line

RIO Premier Midge Tip Line

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The Premier Midge tip is a floating line with either a 3ft or 6ft long, clear intermediate tip that sinks 1.5 inches per second. This is deadly effective on windy days, when fishing in shallow bays, close to lake shores or over the top of weed beds, and is perfect for fishing nymphs, emergers, and chironomids (buzzers). Each line is built with a supple coldwater core, SlickCast coating, and welded loops on the front and back for fast rigging. 

I've been using various Rio Midge Tip lines since ~2007. They are very good lines for straight line chironomid fishing, washing line rigs, and retrieving nymphs and streamers in shallow water. The intermediate tip "sticks" in the water and provides a better connection to your flies in choppy conditions. It also provides a little more cushion from hard takes to prevent breakoffs. (Devin)

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