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Rite-Bobbin Standard Bobbin

Rite-Bobbin Standard Bobbin

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Possibly the best adjustable tension bobbin we've tried. The Rite Bobbin is very smooth, and unlike some adjustable bobbins, the tension can't accidentally be changed while the bobbin is in use. The ceramic tubes are very smooth and don't fray even the thinnest threads. 

Rite-Bobbin says:

Standard: From small midges up through bigger saltwater flies, the The ceramic tube on the s is extremely smooth and does not fray even the lightest threads. Standard does it all. With a premium-quality ceramic tube, it's also going to be very durable. And of course, it wouldn't be a Rite Bobbin without the one-of-a-kind brass tension adjuster, allowing you to have more control as you tie. This is a must have for any serious tier.

Shorty: Smaller flies sometimes require smaller bobbins, so we developed our Shorty to provide the same level of precision tension, along with a smaller sized barrel. This is the perfect tool for those little blue wing olives, midges, small parachutes, or any other pattern where a full-sized bobbin starts to impede your ability to see and/or tie.

Ceramic Magnum: If you are tying larger flies, or especially those that have longer shanks like streamers and saltwater flies, the CerMag offers you the additional length you need. And often times, these flies require heavier, tougher thread--which is why we have built this bobbin with a high-quality ceramic tube, to help you avoid cutting thread due to extreme wear and tear.

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