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Fulling Mill

Rozas Dark Neon Jig

Rozas Dark Neon Jig

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Lubos Roza is a former world champion and world renowned competitive angler from the Czech Republic. His signature patterns with Fulling Mill are a clear reflection of his skill. Each one is thoughtfully designed and bursting with ingenious little triggers and tweaks that makes every one a deadly tool of fish acquisition. The Dark Neon Jig is a killer fly if you're looking for a more subtle tag nymph. We're suckers for anything with a pink bead as well and this fly is no exception.  

Here's what Lubos has to say: “A super fly to use in cold waters. Violet tailed flies work so well and in this dark colouration this fly is highly effective in spring and autumn. The body is constructed with peacock spectra dubbing with a subtle red ribbing combined with a pink bead. This makes a highly effective fly.”

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