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Fulling Mill

Roza's Mouse Jig

Roza's Mouse Jig

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Lubos Roza is a former world champion and world renowned competitive angler from the Czech Republic. His signature patterns with Fulling Mill are a clear reflection of his skill. Each one is thoughtfully designed and bursting with ingenious little triggers and tweaks that makes every one a deadly tool of fish acquisition. The Mouse Jig is a good choice in situations where you might fish a Duracell or Blowtorch or Soft Hackle Carrot, times when a slower sinking pattern, or one with a larger, leggier, profile is desired.   

Here's what Lubos has to say: "A very effective fly for trout and grayling when fish are active. This very flashy fly works well in clear water. During the summer time I us it as a dropper keeping it very close to the surface. The pink bead, red rib and peacock colored thorax, combined with the CDC hackle for movement make this fly a deadly pattern." 

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