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Sage ESN Reel

Sage ESN Reel

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Once upon a time Sage made their name with their exceptional fly rods but, these days, their reels are equally worthy of praise. The ESN reel is designed to meet every need of the contemporary nymph fisherman. From the full-cage housing to the ludicrously fine-tunable drag (40 detonated settings) it is jam-packed full of features. The one that sets it most apart from the pack is its adjustable weight system. Three different stainless-steel weights that can be swapped within the reel itself allow the angler to really fine tune the balance of their rod, something we believe is crucial to an effective day on the water. There is precious little that this reel doesn't offer, grab one and see for yourself!   

Here's what Sage has to say: "Packed with a suite of specialty features, the ESN reel is designed specifically with the Euro-Nymph angler in mind and is fine tuned to the nuances of the application. Built around a super thin and large diameter arbor, this design now makes it easier to get fish on the reel quickly, minimizing the need to guide line onto the spool with your finger, all while providing consistent drag output. A unique balance system allows anglers to assemble and fine-tune a set of weights, so the ESN reel can perfectly balance any Euro Nymphing (or standard) rod. Add in a full frame that prevents fine leaders and lines from sneaking through the frame, and a sealed carbon drag system that provides a smooth uptake - leaving you with the ultimate fish-catching machine." 

- Comes with three stainless steel weights (.5oz, 1oz and 1.5oz)  
- Full frame, ultra large arbor with narrow spool for level lines
- Fully Machined from 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum 
- Cold forged and tempered, hard anodized surface

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