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Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout

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The best all around trout line you can put on your reel. Designed to fish dries, nymphs, wets and small streamers at mid to long ranges the Amplitude Trout has alot going for it. The Scientific Anglers Trout taper has long been considered the industry standard for those targeting our sports quintessential fish. The Amplitude series of lines hold every single relevant feature possible for a contemporary fly line. Between the floating and shooting textures, AST Plus slickness, micro-balloon nano technology, a stealthy and tasteful color scheme, SA's proprietary line ID system AND MORE, if you're purchasing the Amplitude trout you are purchasing the pinnacle of fly line evolution and, arguably, the best weight forward trout line in the world today.  

  • Features the revolutionary AST Plus slickness additive for superior shooting ability and increased durability
  • Floating Texture on the tip section for the ultimate in flotation
  • Shooting Texture running line delivers longer casts
  • Revised compound taper for delicate deliveries
  • SA Line ID
  • Improved Dry Tip technology
  • Tactile reference point 
  • Braided multifilament core

Available in a three-part color scheme of Celestial Blue, Bamboo and Heron Grey (see diagram)  

For further information on the amplitude, you can check out what SA has to say here:  

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