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Pierre Sempe

Sempe Spirit indicator nylon (150 m spools)

Sempe Spirit indicator nylon (150 m spools)

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 We've used the smaller sizes of this material to make micro leaders for several years now. However, this material comes on a larger 150 m spool and in larger diameters as well. Great for sighters or full leaders if you are trying to work your way down to using a micro leader from a thicker Euro leader. The bicolor is not as bright as some other sighter materials but that makes it a good choice for conditions where trout are easily spooked. The solid yellow is a bit brighter and works especially well in sunny conditions. 

  • .16 mm/5x/2.16 kg/4.75 lbs
  • .18 mm/4x/2.59 kg/5.71 lbs
  • .20 mm/3x/3.20 kg/7.06 lbs
  • .23 mm/2x/4.09 kg/9.02 lbs
  • .26 mm/1x/5.12 kg/11.29 lbs
  • .28 mm/0x/6.01 kg/13.25 lbs
  • .30mm/01x/7.01 kg/15.46 lbs


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