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Pierre Sempe

Sempe Spirit indicator nylon (150 m spools)

Sempe Spirit indicator nylon (150 m spools)

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Unfortunately, Sempe has discontinued the Spirit lineup of products. Get what is left while you can.  

We've used the smaller sizes of this material to make micro leaders for several years now. However, this material comes on a larger 150 m spool and in larger diameters as well. Great for sighters or full leaders if you are trying to work your way down to using a micro leader from a thicker Euro leader. The bicolor is not as bright as some other sighter materials but that makes it a good choice for conditions where trout are easily spooked. The solid yellow is a bit brighter and works especially well in sunny conditions. 

  • .26 mm/1x/5.12 kg/11.29 lbs
  • .28 mm/0x/6.01 kg/13.25 lbs
  • .30mm/01x/7.01 kg/15.46 lbs


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