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Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 18-0

Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread 18-0

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Here's what Semperfli has to say: 

"Our Classic Waxed Thread has been developed after examining the traditional waxed threads used by fly tiers world-wide. Our polyester threads have the innovation that always occurs with Semperfli products. We extruded our polyester thread so that it is flatter than other threads giving more grip to prevent materials slippage. With a light wax coating to provide grip but not enough to clog a bobbin holder. Strength has always been a base line consideration at Semperfli so our 8/0 is 40% stronger than comparable threads. Finally we made sure the flat profile thread was easy to split! We then went that one final step, adding 240 yards or thread compared to other manufacturers 200 yards making it highly cost effective."

- High volume spools (240 yards) at the same price as many 50 or 100 yard spools
- Similar in size, strength, and feel to Veevus 16/0
- Can be split
- Lightly waxed

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