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Soldarini Extra Click UL Fly Reel

Soldarini Extra Click UL Fly Reel

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The Soldarini Extra Click reel is an ultra-light machined reel. It has a click pawl drag instead of a standard disc drag system. It is perfect for the ultra-light enthusiast who is willing to apply drag pressure with their palm in order to make their setup the lightest it can be. Note: It will not balance most Euro nymphing rods in the handle, but it will lighten the rig overall if that's your main concern. It would also be a great choice for a short small stream rod.

  • Machined from bar stock aluminum
  • Full cage reel to prevent line and leader slip
  • Reel weighs a very light 2.4 oz 
  • 0 to 4 weight capacity with an 80 yard backing capacity with a 4 weight WF line
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