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Soldarini Hydropsyche RCX Drift Rod

Soldarini Hydropsyche RCX Drift Rod

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If you're tired of taking two rods to the river to fish both dries and nymphs, or are interested in a truly interesting design concept, you should check out the Soldarini Hydropsyche RCX Drift rod. You'll notice the size options offer two lengths and weights, this is possible thanks to an ingenious telescoping mechanism that allows an extra 7" of blank to nestle within the cork. With a quick twist and extension you go from a shorter, faster action, rod well suited to dries to a softer and longer rod, perfect for nymphing. It's a really innovative solution to a problem many of us have been grappling with. If you only have the budget, or inclination, to buy one rod but want the performance advantages of two then this rod should be high on your list!

- Single foot guides (except for the initial stripping guide) 

- Barstock aluminum reel seat with woven carbon insert

- matte finish blank 

- AAA cork handle

- Cordura rod tube and rod sock 


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