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Soldarini Hydropsyche Tournament Rod

Soldarini Hydropsyche Tournament Rod

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A compelling rod from Sandro Soldarini of Italy, one of the more interesting contemporary nymphing rods available today. The Hydropsyche Tournament is medium-fast by euro rod standards, nice and light in hand, responsive and exhibits minimal tip bounce. Soldarini spared no expense in designing this rod, it's replete with all the bells and whistles you can reasonably expect from a high-end rod these days. Quite similar in action to other premium rods from Cortland, Marryat and Hanak.  

The 10' 7-8 weight rod is light for how powerful it is. In addition to making a great lake rod, it also would be a good choice as a steelhead euro nymphing rod. 

  • Ultra-slim blank with an 'unpolished' finish
  • 45 ° Carbon construction utilizing 8 different carbons
  • Sea Guide and REC recoil guides
  • Anti-twist triangular tube
  • Flor grade cork handle

Here's what Soldarini has to say: 

"To present on the market a product that is superior to the present Elite series, more powerful and innovative, we have researched the best materials on the market; the combination of 8 different types of high modulus carbon, with an important innovation in the use of carbon fibers at 45 degrees, so far not used by any other manufacturer, allow us with enthusiasm to be able to say that we have the most technologically advanced product on the market.

All the details, from the use of special resins, nanotechnology, the new 45-degree carbon and the new material impregnated with the new radial carbon resins, allow us to build a super reactive, extremely sturdy and very light shaft, the only one able to do it to use thin lines to catch important fish. Innovators in the construction of ultra thin blanks, we wanted to further thin the barrels making them even richer in materials and even more robust.

Thanks to the use of the new carbon at 45 degrees, the blank does not undergo torsions, making it more performing in the fishing action, and guarantees maximum performance during casting phase. Equipped with the best components on the market such as Titanium Rec Guides, Sea guide double-deck stripping guide and single in the stillwater model, which in addition to being lighter, affect cast performance, ultralight reel seat in stock bar 6061 and woven carbon insert."

If you'd like to read an excellent review of the rod, check out this one by our friends at Trout and Co.:

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