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Spool/Bag/Flash Stands

Spool/Bag/Flash Stands

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Innovative, 3-D printed stands that gets your materials off your desk or out of drawers and into a spot you can see and be inspired by them while keeping them all organized and tidy. All built from renewable/recycled materials. 

25cm Spool Clip/Bag Stand: Table display with full 360⁰ rotation of the head on its axis, designed to hang our spool clips, bags of tying materials and hooks, blisters with products or any other material you want to keep close at hand. Another great way to always have the various tying materials at hand, always keeping them in order and in view. Equipped with an upper knob to be able to move it easily, even when loaded.

25, 50, 63cm Flash Carousel: Display for hanked flash and fibers, with complete rotation of the head of 360⁰ on its axis. It allows a quick choice and selection of the fibers, you can take them directly from the hanks placed on the support or removing the entire hank, by pulling it upwards. It is also equipped with housings of two different depths alternately, to be able to choose which colors to keep closest to hand. You can store over 100 hanks of different types and colors with a maximum length of 63 cm., It is an excellent way to always have the various flashes and long fibers at hand, always keeping them well tidy and stretched out. Choose of the 

25cm Spool Tree: Tired of seeing the colors and type of your spools partially and in a disordered way? The spool tree is the one for you. Easy to assemble (instructions included and online video available), this handy table spool holder gives you the possibility to keep in order up to 84 reels divided into 4 levels of 21 reels each (3 spools for each support). You can easily choose and pick up the spool that best suits your tying from time to time, keeping a global view of what you have available. Also equipped with a comfortable upper handle for moving in complete safety, even with the spools already loaded.

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