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Superflo 40+ Expert (Long Head)

Superflo 40+ Expert (Long Head)

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Airflo says:

For the more proficient caster we have developed Superflo 40+ Expert. Increasing the head length from 35ft to 45ft whilst maintaining the head weight of the Extreme, the Forty Plus Expert allows for more line to be aerialised for a smoother, longer cast.

  • Super-smooth 45ft head
  • Twin colour for optimum loading - White Running Line
  • Power-core
  • Excellent single hand/switch casting line
  • For proficient casters bank or boat
  • Overall length 45yards / 135ft

Combining our 'Superflo' technology with our best-selling 40+ Expert fly lines was a mouth water prospect. The ability to incorporate Superflo's ultra-thin running line and super slick coating would enable 40+ to become an even longer casting fly line! Initial testing of the Superflo 40+ Expert fly line range simply left us speechless, and we haven't stopped smiling since. Built upon our legendary low stretch power core, you'll have no trouble feeling takes and setting hooks at 40+ yards, and believe us, you're going to need it!



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