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SWISSCDC Multi-loop Tool

SWISSCDC Multi-loop Tool

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 Another ingenious tool from the good folks over at SWISSCDC! The Multiloop tool allows you to make dubbing loops of all kinds, reinforce hackles, create ropes of ostrich or peacock and much more. Its ergonomic design is comfortable as well as functional and its quality of construction is up to the usual Swiss standard. 

- Weighs 45g  


Here's what SWISSCDC has to say: "With our new multiloop, every fly-tyer will be able to create a dubbing loop using a previously unknown technique to process any material. Christian Kuchelmeister has developed a tool which works without the traditional dubbing twister wires in V-position.

A big advantage is that the threads of the dubbing loop always lie together when tightening and there is no gap between them. Other materials, whether flash threads, peacock herl or wire can be easily attached to the tool with a sophisticated fastening method to twist with the material taken up in the loop. This way, it is possible to produce diverse and also very strong dubbing strands.

The tool is the size of a bobbin and is very ergonomic in the hand. Thanks to its perfect balance between length and weight and its very accurate centering, our multiloop tool can be rotated very easily and precisely. The weight and the length distribution of the tool allow it to run very accurately when rotating.

A tool like a Swiss timepiece..."

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