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Swiss CDC currently holds the crown in our minds for best CDC on the market today. The feathers are consistently large and full, the sheer number of colors offered is impressive, not to mention how high-quality the dye work is. Standard is their lowest grade of feather and it's heads and shoulders above almost every other CDC available currently. 

- 1g package (120-140 feathers)
- Average feather length: 1cm - 4.5m 

Here's what Swiss CDC has to say: 

“CDC Standard” can be used in a wide variety of applications, from the smallest, most delicate dry fly to the largest mayfly. From the freshwater shrimp to the tempting nymph, right up to the streamer, sea trout fly and even the salmon fly. Our “CDC Standard” always fits the bill. As a matter of principle, we only offer duck CDCs (Cul de Canard) taken from winter feathers. We made this decision on the basis of the significantly better quality. Ducks breed less in the winter, which means that the appearance of the feathers is considerably better. In the warmer seasons, the breeding ducks are subjected to heat and even greater burdens. This has a particularly negative effect on the quality of the feathers."

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