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Tactical Fly Fisher

TFF Countersunk Tungsten Beads (Fluorescent Colors) 50 pack

TFF Countersunk Tungsten Beads (Fluorescent Colors) 50 pack

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Our proprietary countersunk tungsten beads, now available in fluorescent colors! We brought these beads in specifically to tie stillwater patterns where we want to add a jigging action to the fly. Obviously the beads are great for river nymphs and streamers as well.

These are the most consistent beads we've found in terms of weight, finish, hole-size, etc... Consider these beads to be the 'lightest' of the three bead styles we offer (countersunk, slotted and inverting). You should be tying with these beads if you want a slightly lighter weight pattern, if you're tying on a 'normal' style hook or if you don't want your flies to 'invert' while sinking.  

- 50 beads per pack

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