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Tactical Fly Fisher

Tactical Fly Fisher Rubber Mesh Net 2.0

Tactical Fly Fisher Rubber Mesh Net 2.0

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*** We cannot ship these nets internationally without contacting us first for extra shipping cost. Sorry for any inconvenience.***

These are very lightweight nets with deep net bags that will help you land larger fish (even in the regular size) more easily as they won't be able to fling themselves out of it as easily as some of the other nets on the market. 

Unlike our last model which had an integrated magnet on the handle, these come with an elastic cord and a carabiner on the handle, allowing you to use one of our strong net magnet/cords, a Gear-Keeper retractor, or whichever carry method is your favorite. 

Another change is that the mesh is actually held within the frame now instead of the frame running through the mesh, helping reduce wear on the net mesh and extending the life of the net. 

Net Hoop Measurements

Regular: 15" wide by 18" Long

Large: 17" Wide by 23" Long

Net Handle Length is 8.75"

Net bag depths are 15" for the regular and 20" for the large size

*Please note that the large model is quite large, best for trout 24" and up or small salmon/steelhead. The standard is plenty large enough for most trout and will be much easier to carry if you need to hike in through brushy/snaggy areas.*

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