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Textreme Squirty Chenille

Textreme Squirty Chenille

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A new chenille from Textreme with a thermofused core. It is specifically designed for worm patterns to give them maximum movement and durability. It is the perfect combination of squirmy movement in a chenille. It can also be used for any other pattern where a small chenille is needed. I've given this chenille a go on worm patterns recently. So far it has been very good and I have noticed less fouling around the hook bend than I have with other worm chenilles. It is also durable and holds up to landing a lot of fish without the fibers separating from the core. (Devin)

Textreme says:

Next-generation chenille, crafted with high-absorption microfibers and a thermofusible core that enhances strength without compromising its remarkable mobility.
This combination allows for exceptional mobility in water, despite its mere 1-millimeter diameter. Primarily designed to mimic extremely small worms for tying on hooks up to #16-18, it lends itself particularly well to being wrapped around the hook for forming bodies, such as pupae, or for creating a hot spot, as in the case of imitating stonefly and caddisfly larvae.
It is available in both natural colors for a realistic imitation and vibrant fluorescent colors for increased visibility, even in murky water conditions.

– 2 meter card
– 1 mm. fibers

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