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Troutline Caddis Skin

Troutline Caddis Skin

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Some really excellent chamois from the folks at Troutline. Perfect for buckskins, chamois worms, etc... Comes in a 3" x 4" sheet that can be cut to size depending on your needs.  

Here's what Troutline has to say:

"Troutline Caddis Skin is a very soft and delicate leather made of deer tanned leather dyed different colors. We use this skin to tie realistic flies like caddis nymphs, stoneflies and pupae. When gets wet, the materials looks fantastic and trout go mad after these flies (of course if the flies are used in the right moment when these insects are plenty in water).
From a while the Czech and Polish fishermen use thin strips to make bodies on jig hooks. The flies seems to be very efficient in deep pools where is difficult to  catch fish.
We provide this material in sheets so every fly tier can cat it in strips in different length to match them with sizes of hooks."


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