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Troutline Flashback Foil Plus

Troutline Flashback Foil Plus

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 Sheets of flash, great for bodies on nymphs, wing cases and more! This flash, much like Mutation Film from Baetis, fluoresces different colors depending on the angle at which light is hitting it. Try cutting them with a rolling cutter and a ruler for more consistent, and straight, strips. 

- Each package contains a single 3" x 4" sheet of flash


Here's what Troutline has to say: 

"Troutline Flashback Plus Foil is a new type of fine synthetic sheet dyed professionally in great colors. The material has high sparkly gloss and reflects and, based on our fishing experience and tests, will increase the attraction of your flies. A very interesting property of the material is how it changes colors and shades when the light goes through it at different angles." 

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