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Troutline Mad Rabbit Plus Dubbing

Troutline Mad Rabbit Plus Dubbing

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"Do I really need another bag of dubbing?" a question we all ask ourselves from time to time. If you're pondering a bag of Troutline dubbing and asking that question then the answer should be a resounding YES!

The Troutline family of dubbings may be the finest we've ever seen. The quality of the fur and hair used, the attention to detail in the dubbing recipe, the colors offered, the obvious thought and care put into such an innocuous product, these are dubbings every picky fly tier must have in their repertoire.   

The Mad Rabbit Dubbing Plus offers the same hare blend as the standard Mad Rabbit Dubbing with the addition of flash fibers, similar to Hareline's Hare'E Ice Dub or Hemingway's Hare Plus UV dubbing. 

  • True ear and mask fur only from wild Romanian Hares harvested in winter 
  • UV iridescent fibers mixed in
  • Hand cut and dyed
  • Perfect guard-hair-to-under-fur ratio, great flash-to-fur ratio as well
  • Rich, natural colors
  • Product of Romania

 Here's what Troutline has to say: 

"Mad Rabbit Dubbing Plus is new, nice and efficient in the same manner like our classic Mad Rabbit Dubbing. Is made based on the same recipe:hair fibers from Transylvanian mask hand cut and dyed. We added an extra synthetic dubbing with UV reflexes to increase the visibility when you use it for nymphs, especially for deep heavy flies used in deep pools to catch big trout and big grayling.
We test it together with our Pro Staff and we are enthusiastic about it!"


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