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Troutline Grey Squirrel Zonker Strips

Troutline Grey Squirrel Zonker Strips

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Grey squirrel zonkers from the wizards at Troutline of Romania, perfect for your small streamer needs! These are approximately twice as wide as MICRO pine squirrel strips. 

- Three 9" strips per package

- Strip width = aprox 1/8"

Here's what Troutline has to say: 

"We are proud to offer tanned Squirrel zonkers in 3mm wide. All these strips are carefully cut and the skin is soft to allow any tier to tie easy and fast  any fly he wants. The hair is very dense and for this reason is perfect for tying those baby fish so desired by picky predators. The strips are from tanned skins so are soft and nice and easy to work!. All strips are from back part of the pine squirrel and the hair is uniform and shinny. One bag contain strips in total length of 60cm or more!" 

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