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Fulling Mill

Tungsten Hare and Copper (a.k.a. Walt's Worm)

Tungsten Hare and Copper (a.k.a. Walt's Worm)

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Our neighbors across the pond refer to this pattern as a 'Hare and Copper', we in the states have taken to calling it a 'Walts Worm'. Whichever moniker you prefer, understand that this fly is deadly all over the world! This particular version of the hare and copper is wonderful when water is low and the fish are choosy, it's extremely similar to the way we tie ours (color, dubbing spikiness, proportions, etc...)  

*Note: It's tied on the Fulling Mill Grab Gape (FM5005) which runs small for its size (expect a sz.16 to be sized like a sz. 18, etc...) 

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