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Tactical Fly Fisher

Tungsten Jig Backs (AKA Javi Beads)

Tungsten Jig Backs (AKA Javi Beads)

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For when slotted beads just don't have the weight you need, these tungsten body beads will get you down quick. They weigh twice as much as the equivalent mm size in slotted beads, meaning you'll get down through tough surface currents and to the bottom faster.

Packs of 25. 

Weights per bead:

4.5mm = 22.5 Grains
4.0mm = 16 Grains
3.5mm = 10.4 Grains
3.0mm = 7.8 Grains
2.5mm = 5.1 Grains
2.0mm = 2.1 Grains

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