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Umpqua Ledges 650 Waist Pack

Umpqua Ledges 650 Waist Pack

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I recently switched over to fishing a Ledges 650 waist pack together with an Overlook chest pack on top. I've found them much more comfortable than my previous packs with more options for organizing boxes and gear. If you're looking for a waist pack, the Ledges has lots of storage space with smart divisions for organization and an included water bottle holder. I'm looking forward to using mine for a long time. - Devin


The ultimate fly fishing beast-of-burden, the Ledges 650's stiff back-panel and padded waist belt provide all-day comfort and easy rotation. The main pocket easily holds 4 standard fly boxes. Two zippered stretch-mesh pockets up front will handle more boxes or any accessories you need. A hemostat sheath also makes stowing and accessing your hemostats painless. A few nice surprises - an integrated net slot for easy storage/access and two zippered pockets on the waist belt.

  • Net slot - between back panel and pack body
  • Hemostat sheath - allows easy and blind access
  • 2 x Zs Retractor Stations - with hypalon attachment bands
  • ZS foam Fly Patch Station - includes foam fly patch
  • ZS Cord Tippet Holder - "stowable" when not in use
  • Shoulder Strap w/ Floating Pad
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