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Umpqua Rubberlegs Stonefly

Umpqua Rubberlegs Stonefly

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Pat's Rubberlegs, Mckees Rubberlegs, the Turd, the Pickle, the Rubber-leg Stone, whatever name you know this pattern by it's famous anywhere stoneflies are found. This particular version is far and away our favorite. Great hook, tungsten bead, lead on the shank, the 'correct' legs and the right chenille. We're never without these in our box and neither should you be.


Here's what Umpqua has to say: "Large profile, heavily weighted with lots of rubber, the Rubberlegs (stone) is a deadly high-water fly. When fish are hunkered down deep it takes a significant meal to entice feeding. Mottled chenille body, weighted underbody, super-floss legs on a stout Tiemco 5262 hook make this a perfect fly for any heavy water nearby. Also available in beadhead and jigged version."

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