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Upavon Chadwick's 477 Yarn Substitute

Upavon Chadwick's 477 Yarn Substitute

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A nearly identical substitute yarn for Chadwick's 477 yarn which is the material for Frank Sawyer's famous Killer Bug. 

Upavon says:

Upavon by name, Avon by nature. Born on the banks of the River Avon we developed this Chadwick's 477 substitute* as close as possible to the original material used by the legendary Frank Sawyer. Traditionally used to tie Sawyer's Killer Bug, the translucent buggy effect makes for an excellent natural-looking material for nymphs, dries and emerger patterns.

- At least 10m per pack

- Presented on a reusable yarn winder

*Original Chadwick's 477 card for comparison purposes only

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