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UV Craft

UVCraft UV Fly Tying resin

UVCraft UV Fly Tying resin

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An ultra-low viscosity clear UV resin made in the USA! This resin has superior adhesion even to slick surfaces like tinsels, and the black is a true black when cured. Also will not clump in cooler temperatures like some of the competing products. And did we mention it's made in the USA? Because it is, and that's pretty cool. 

Perfect for nymph bodies like Perdigon patterns and wingcases. 

New squeeze bottle is great for doing perdigon wingcases as the small tip on the dispensing needles makes for a very controlled application. 

NOTE: Some customers have had allergic reactions to other uv resins such as Solarez Bone dry. So far, these customers have reported that they have not had allergic reactions to UV Craft. If you've had allergies yourself, UV Craft resin should hopefully be a solution. 

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