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Weiss' Simple Pheasant Tail Anchor (extra heavy)

Weiss' Simple Pheasant Tail Anchor (extra heavy)

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Team U.S.A. member Pat Weiss is one of the best river fishermen in America, and he has been for quite some time. Similarly, the pheasant tail nymph has been one of the best trout flies on earth since its inception in England in the mid 1900's. This simplified version of the classic pattern sinks quickly and doesn't offer the fish much to fuss with. The 'anchor' designation is because this version is tied with a larger than average bead size for the hook size listed. 

Here's what Pat has to say: "Clean profile, no hotspots or over segmentation for fish to be picky about. The lighter shade of a bleached pheasant tail is just as deadly as the original and I personally use this any day of the year."

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