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Whiting Farms

Whiting Farms Hebert Miner Hen Cape

Whiting Farms Hebert Miner Hen Cape

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These hackles are a bit webbier and longer, on average, than those of the Whiting Red Label hen cape. Use the larger hackles to make bodies on streamers and the smaller hackles for collars on nymphs and wet flies. Great for flies sz.10-16.  

We consider Whiting Farms to be the final word on fly tying hackles. Their consistency, quality and value are unparalleled in the industry. Dr. Whiting's work is a standard of excellence to which we can all aspire!  

If you're interested in the history of the Hebert-Miner lineage of chickens, this article on the Whiting Farms website may be of interest to you:



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