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Thomas and Thomas

Thomas and Thomas Zone Euro-Nymping Rods

Thomas and Thomas Zone Euro-Nymping Rods

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This is a lovely new rod from T&T in the mid-price range. Borrows a lot of the best  points of the Contact II, including low swing weight and quick recovery. Right up there in terms of quality and performance with our other favorites in this price point.

10' 2" 3wt: This is a great all-round Euro rod. Has the backbone to handle larger fish, but is light enough to fish just about anywhere. The length is a touch short for large rivers, but excellent for small-medium waters where there is a chance of getting into fish in the upper teen/lower twenty inch class regularly. Casts dry-dropper rigs and micro leaders very well and has a very smooth, accurate, and confidence-inspiring feel in the cast. 

10' 2" 2wt: All the same points as the 3wt apply here, it's just a bit lighter and probably best for waters with fish in the 18-19" and below class. With the length and action of the rod, it would be an excellent choice for small rivers where accuracy and maneuverability are key. 

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